Hallmark has essentially erased my career-threatening joint pain! (Marla A., HALLMARK creator)
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    You try hard to be healthy. You do your best.

    And though the human body possesses an amazing array of strategies to promote proper cell function to keep you healthy, it's a losing battle because the world is full of stressors that damage your body.

    Environmental factors like chemicals and toxins in our air, water, and food, as well as excessive ultraviolet A&B exposure;
    Lifestyle choices like poor diet, physical inactivity, smoking and excessive alcohol intake; and
    The unavoidable: aging, all assault you and your cells every day in ways both noticed and unnoticed, at least initially.

    And that doesn't even consider your genetics, which may be fighting against you as well.

    Damage accumulates and that prevents your body from maintaining the 11 Hallmarks of Health.

    So, what can you do?


    But how?

    HALLMARK is your shield

    Your defense, Your effortless way to promote all 11 Hallmarks of Health.

    While the pharmaceutical industry typically provides bandaid fixes that treat symptoms, nature provides amazingly effective helpers that promote peak cell health that address root causes. Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines reflect this fact.

    Healthy cells = Happy you

    Unfortunately, nature's best aides are often found in forms that are not readily consumed or palatable. And even when they are, most are not readily "bioavailable", which means they do not efficiently enter your bloodstream. Instead, they pass right through you without offering the health benefits you are counting on. If nature's helpers are not bioavailable, they are not helping you.

    So, how do you harness the best of nature's genius and promote all 11 Hallmarks of Health in your body?

    Every premium quality ingredient in HALLMARK has been carefully curated by a MD and PhD team based on the most advanced scientific research. Only the most effective and evidence-based of nature's helpers make their way into HALLMARK, including phytonutrients, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and supporting ingredients that allow your body to take full advantage of them, working synergistically to keep your cells healthy and you happy.

    HALLMARK is your path to the 11 Hallmarks of Health.

    HALLMARK is formulated from nine of nature's most potent helpers that promote peak (cellular) health.

    Unlike so many in the industry, the team at NutraFocusMD refuses to play word games when it comes to our ingredients. HALLMARK contains only the highest quality, highest concentration and most bioactive forms of (always non-GMO) ingredients available and uses no cheap fillers or additives. We use just enough organic rice hulls to enable encapsulation in a vegan-friendly capsule - that's all.

    No Junk = Healthy Cells = Happy You

    We also tell you exactly what is in our products - no hiding behind "proprietary formulas" that leave you wondering what you are actually paying for and consuming. We believe in transparency.

    So, what premium ingredients does HALLMARK contain? And what amazing things can they do for your 11 Hallmarks of Health and beyond?

    HALLMARK includes:

    • Curcumin (≥95% Tetrahydrocurcuminoids)
    • Green Tea (98/80/60% extract)
    • Reishi Mushroom (≥30% polysaccharides)
    • Resveratrol (≥99% trans isomer)
    • Quercetin (≥98% dihydrate form)
    • Milk Thistle (≥80% silymarin)
    • Astragalus membranaceus
    • Panax notoginseng
    • Piperine (as BioPerine®)

    What does this mean for you?

    HALLMARK is the scientifically rigorous, evidence-based supplement that you need to promote all 11 Hallmarks of Health and support peak cellular health with potent, free radical fighting antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic ingredients. And again:

    Healthy Cells = Happy You

    HALLMARK is also GMO free, gluten free, and GMP manufactured in the USA from only the best available ingredients from around the world.