Hallmark has essentially erased my career-threatening joint pain! (Marla A., HALLMARK creator)
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    We are a life- and family-first company that creates safe, effective, scientifically rigorous products to help you achieve your optimal health. We seek meaningful experiences both inside and outside of work, and we endeavour to help our customers do the same with vibrant health!

    We also aspire to be kind and responsible to others and our environment, while providing encouragement and inspiration for others by helping empower them to improve their health.

    Our Core Values


    We are honest with you and fully transparent about our products. We include only the highest quality, most potent, bioavailable and clinically-researched ingredients available because your health is worth it! Our completely US-based facilities exceed the FDA standards, are 100% compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), NSF-certified, and are continuously improving using the latest safety testing.

    Honesty is important to us in all aspects of our lives - honesty with our colleagues, our communities, our families and ourselves.


    We are passionate about what we do inside and outside of NutraFocusMD. We seek meaningful experiences in our work and personal lives and endeavor to help our customers do the same, and do it with vibrant health!


    We are independent about the way we work and the way we run our company. We are motivated by impacting your life and your health over money. Our life- and family-first culture is our main pillar.


    From the large scale processes of biology to the nano-scale processes of biochemistry, the science of health is a core focus of our curiosity and the core focus for our products, beginning with HALLMARK. But we are curious about everything and refuse to stop learning! We aim to help others learn as well.

    and maybe a little... Rebellion

    In an industry full of charlatans, we are rebellious and idealistic at heart, aspiring to be helpful, kind and responsible to others, customers and non-customers alike. We also aim to provide encouragement and inspiration for others by helping improve their health with best-in-class products and helpful supporting information.