Hallmark has essentially erased my career-threatening joint pain! (Marla A., HALLMARK creator)
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    Marla Anderson, MD, FACS, is a practicing surgeon with a focus on treating patients with breast cancer. She received her MD from Northwestern University and B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Davis. Continual learning feeds her, and her major areas of interest are mindfulness, optimal health, the science of the body and integrative and functional medicine. Her passion is to create products that positively affect people so they can live their best life. Home is where the heart is, and Marla's heart is with God, her husband and her three children.
    Jeff Anderson, PhD, is a biochemist who has a passion for discovering what makes the body and mind perform at their peak. "Biochemistry is the root to understanding why the body and mind are performing as they are -- sub-optimally, optimally and even super-optimally -- and also the key to understanding what can be done to help climb that ladder of performance so that we can all feel and perform at our best. We at NutraFocusMD use those principles in creating our products."  
    While Jeff has spent much of his career in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, he was fortunate to work with companies that were innovative, resisting the all-too-common band-aid model of the pharma world. Nevertheless, he knew there were safer and more effective ways to address many health problems and promote optimal, heathy function, and he is excited to devote his passion, time and energy into delivering those results for you.